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How do I send you my stuff for the project?

I found that the best way to handle client assets is through Google Drive. There we can collaborate and organize our project assets so that we both have access to them.

For all digital deliverables, Google Drive will be used for delivery of completed projects (Photoshoots, Graphic Design, etc….)

How does payment work?

I take just about everything from PayPal to Venmo! I can also set you up with super flexible payment plan to fit your budget.

A 30% non-refundable deposit is required for every project. The rest of the amount is due upon completion of the project.

What's up with a brand guide? Do I need one?

Yes! Brand guides are awesome! They are vital for every single company or brand regardless of size.

Brand guides are like the instructions or rules for how your company/brand presents itself to the world.

Some things that are usually included in a brand guide:

Main Logo

Color palettes


Alternate Marks

Any Patterns

Watermark Rules

How do I get a name for my website?

Getting your hands on that name for your website is the first step to creating your dream website!

We can assist you in purchasing a domain name for your website. If you choose to do your own research and purchase it yourself, we will need access to your login information so that we can connect it to WordPress.

See our trusted list of domain providers here!

What platform will you use to build my website?

WordPress is the gold standard for creating a custom and powerful site for any company or brand. I’ve experimented with Wix, Squarespace, as well as other popular site platforms and nothing comes close to the efficiency and customization options that WordPress offers. WordPress is like a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities! Other platforms limit creativity and efficiency.

Is it expensive to maintain a website once it's built?

Not at all! The main 3 costs when it comes to maintaining your website are as follows:

Domain Name


Maintenance (Optional)

Obviously hosting your own website will be more expensive than if you were to host it through Digital Ember Media. All website packages come with FREE hosting for the first year and each year after is only $75 if you decide to host it through us.

Domain names are very inexpensive for the most part. Domain names that are not taken usually will not exceed $20/year.

Website maintenance can be done yourself, but we can handle everything for you when it comes to security, updates, backups, theme issues, and analytics reports. Check out our monthly maintenance plans for more info!


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